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Huaibei in biological technology co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of anhui huaibei city at the foot of the mountain,Is a set production and sales of export as one of the modern company,Anhui huaibei company plant distribution、Suzhou,Jinan, shandong、Jining。The company was founded in2014Years7Month,At present, the company sales staff10People,Foreign trade personnel5Name,Technical talent10People,Management personnel5Name,Production workers200More than one。The company mainly to produce pharmaceutical intermediates,Feed additives,Pesticide intermediates for the main business。 Michael in huaibei adhering to biological technology co., LTD“Professional forging quality,Service to build market”The management idea, In line with“ The good faith、The service quality、Clients' interests protection” Enterprise development purposes,To provide information for the domestic and foreign customers、Excellent products、Reasonable price、Convenient logistics service。 Huaibei in biological also will with strong knowledge background、Good customer service、Complete product supply and deep connections resources,In the industry to maintain good corporate image and competitive advantage。And will continue to introduce good products into the domestic market,Meet the needs of customers at home and abroad。In the era of the 21st century the vigorous development of life science,Michael will follow closely the development of life science in huaibei,For the majority of research scholars to explore the mysteries of life and render dedication! Huaibei in biological technology co., LTD. Mainly produces pharmaceutical grade、Feed grade、Liquid crystal cholesterol level,Bilirubin,Chenodeoxycholic acid,Bear to oxygen cholic acid,Hyodeoxycholic acid,Bile salts,Taurocholic acid sodium,Cattle bear to oxygen cholic acid,Lithocholic acid,Cattle goose to oxygen cholic acid,Bile acid...
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